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“I’m OKAY.”

This is such a great post. “That won’t ever happen to me,” This used to be me but with “I could never do that,” I thought I was in control but lol I wasn’t, this has taught me the relationship between Grace & The Law… but that’s a topic for another day. Enjoy this man’s words on putting your hope in God.

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“I’m OKAY.” Yeah, sure you are. Keep telling yourself that and see where you end up.

I’ve never done this before. I’m new to this whole blog thing (other than the few conference previews I did for NCAA football this past year…haha), and if I’m honest with you, I’ve got entirely no clue what I’m doing in regards to blog writing. It’s late and I’ve got thoughts running through my head and here they are:

You, Christian, are setting yourself up for utter FAILURE if you say to yourself, “That won’t ever happen to me,” or, “I’ll never be in their situation.” I’ve been there! I’ve said those same things! It has lead me into numerous situations that I never saw coming. Those situations have led thoughts and feelings that I never thought I would go through. I’ve had plenty of people ask me, “Hey, are you OKAY?” or, “How…

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Good Reads

If Christians won’t stand up for Kim Burrell, Community activist Quanell X will – Premier Gospel

This was a really interesting read…

It’s always interesting to see how Christendom reacts when a controversy happens in the church. I say controversy and not scandal, because the latter implies something to do with abuse of power (sex, money etc.), whereas a controversy is something that causes a heated debate and splits opinion.

Source: If Christians won’t stand up for Kim Burrell, Community activist Quanell X will – Premier Gospel