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Dear Father; Never Let Me Go Back.

Dear Father; Never Let Me Go Back.

James 2:5 (NIVUK)
5 Listen, my dear brothers and sisters: has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he promised those who love him?

There is Hope

I have just come across this video on twitter and I feel like my stomach acid is going to explode out of me. The video itself is not offensive in any manner, it’s the comments that have left me feeling absolutely disgusted. I don’t use social media and lately I have been trying to get back into the habit of not reading the “news websites” too. I stay away from social media for many reasons mainly that it does not serve a useful purpose in my life. But the hypocrisy and ignorance in the comments has left me feeling so sad and deflated about this thing we call life. I titled this post Dear Father; never let me go back because I can not imagine a life lived without God in it. I can not imagine my life without everything that God has done for me over the past few years and in my whole life in general. I have been through a lot and I honestly can say – even though I wobble about this at times- I no longer feel the same way I did about my past. (seeking to blame, point the finger, hold people hostage about things that happened.) 

In the video the young lady is not preaching in the way that most of us are accustomed to; she is simply telling the people on the tube about her journey to getting to know Jesus. I winced a little when I first opened the video and then I immediately closed it before actually hearing anything that she had to say. Because I find what some street preachers have to say totally contrary to what Christianity is about. BUT upon reopening the video to hear what she said I was less wince-y and amazed at the boldness of these young women. I know for sure that right now if I had to get up and share my testimony in the same manner I would not be able to do it. I have wanted to take down my salvation story a few times since posting it even though I know that my story may help just one person and have been more concerned by others who may read it and think what a mess of a person. But God did not call me to a holy life for me to fear what people say or do to me.

These were the recurring / stand out comments; keep it to yourself and those who believe the same, Christian privilege, imagine if (insert beliefs) did this, homosexuality? God isn’t real. The main thing in the comments was keep it to yourself and those who believe the same as you which is actually quite hilarious considering everything that is keeping “with the times” that is going on in the world. If Christians didn’t share their beliefs or stories then no one would be a Christian. If the world didn’t share their beliefs then no one would affect change in the world. I know that if Christians had not shared their beliefs I would not be writing on this blog right now I never would have been brought up in a Christian household and I never would have had a reason to believe that God is real and taking care of me when I stopped living in sin.

My story and all the Christians on this earths stories are valid and I dread to think how many lives would have been lost or lived in chaos had Christianity not been an option for us. My story of salvation is valid regardless of whether you believe what I believe. We are told to be accepting of whatever the world says we have to accept but when it comes to Christianity, “God is not real, we have imagined Jesus and we need to get into the real world and stop living in make believe.” Hmm? Without Christianity I know for sure that I would not be alive right now, -that is not an exaggeration- if by some miracle I was alive I would not be living life with joy.

A few days ago I watched Case of Christ  and what was great about this story is that Lee Strobel actually went seeking answers for himself. He didn’t decide that God wasn’t real because other people told him so and that was the end of that he sought out answers using the very methods that non believing people hold onto so dearly. He wanted to prove his wife wrong about the existence of Jesus but then he ended up bowing at Jesus’ feet. In one of my alpha posts I mentioned that many people in history have gone looking to disprove the existence of Jesus but they have ended up becoming Christians. (Read it here.)  I mentioned in this post that I did not need anyone to prove that Jesus was real because of what he has done for me life and how much He has changed it. But I do recognise that some people want proof and when they seek it in the same manner that they do other things they would actually end up finding Jesus.

I wonder how many people would believe in God if they actually went seeking answers for themselves instead of believing what others have had to say about Christianity not being real. I know that when I was living in “God isn’t real” town I believed what people had to say and I didn’t search for it myself. 

What these comments ultimately showed me is that I have been in a bit of a Christian bubble. Even though I do now recognise that we are in those final days that are mentioned mainly in Revelations I have felt as though the earth is thousands of years away from those significant moments that are mentioned in that convict or condemn part of the Bible. (I did not want to hear a thing about the last days when I started my renewed walk with God and new very little Biblically but God showed me that we are there.) Our lives are going to come to an end whether or not people believe in God and what we do with our lives as Christians matters more than what the world says we should do with it.

If God is not real what have I missed out on in life and what are the consequences for me? If God is real what are the consequences for you who don’t believe in Him?

I just pray that these two young ladies and all those who are inspired to do the same always have the strength and courage to share their stories in an appropriate manner and as God calls them to. The one young lady who posted the video has already said that at least two people who were contemplating suicide chose not to go down that road after seeing her social media presence. I have also seen how her boldness has helped others before this point too. May God continue blessing her because what they are doing is changing lives. Don’t get discouraged about sharing your beliefs publicly, ask for God’s guidance and wisdom to know that you are helping people not condemning them. 

I’m a mess… I will leave you with one of my favourite songs right now.



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