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Word Of The Day: Building In Silence.

Word Of The Day:

Building In Silence.

Luke 1:24-25 (NIVUK)
24 After this his wife Elizabeth became pregnant and for five months remained in seclusion. 25 ‘The Lord has done this for me,’ she said. ‘In these days he has shown his favour and taken away my disgrace among the people.’

Building In Silence – Dephne Madyara

Oh my word. This spoke to me so much on so many levels, this combined with some of the other videos of Dephne’s that I watched today have really spoken to my heart. This video really took aim at me and my own requests. There is one main thing that I have been praying for, for a long time now and it hasn’t happened. A few times I felt like it was going to happen but it didn’t happen and then the cycle of disappointment and works began.

When that cycle would happen I would ask God to show me what I was doing wrong and then I would also look to myself and start questioning my motives about my request. (My request is not a private request it is one that would be very public if it is God’s will for my life.) At the start of me praying with faith and hope (I may write a post about faith and hope, at some point.) I found that the answers I searched for revealed that within my heart; –really deep down below the surface reasons- was the negative reasons for my request, the things that are not of God. I would then try and tell myself that the pure; good, wholesome reasons for my request would win out; that they would stop me from showing off, bragging, not reflecting God but the devil. (This is a whole post on its own.)

But what this Bible study has shown me is that when you don’t check or test your heart, whatever is lurking beneath -the confidence in flesh things Philippians 3– will cause you to fail when blessings come your way. The wholesome things will be there alongside the negative things.

Elizabeth could not conceive well into her old age but it was 5/6 months, –which is far longer than most women wait nowadays before they share the news of their pregnancies- before anyone knew that she was pregnant. When she finally conceived she did not / could not tell anyone. She didn’t go to her husbands relatives, neighbours anyone who had shamed her for being unable to conceive instead she just carried that baby (John the baptist.) without telling anyone until an angel told her cousin Mary that she too was pregnant.

Luke 1:24-25 (NIVUK)
24 After this his wife Elizabeth became pregnant and for five months remained in seclusion. 25 ‘The Lord has done this for me,’ she said. ‘In these days he has shown his favour and taken away my disgrace among the people.’

This part of the Bible that is so easy to ignore or not understand the magnitude of the story spoke to me. Elizabeth had the right to go to the people who had looked down upon her to share the news but she didn’t. (Elizabeth is not the only Biblical woman who couldn’t conceive, Sarah, Rachel, Hannah, these are the one’s that I know of.) Like Elizabeth I have felt as though God blessing me with my request would change, or remove people’s negative thoughts of me. But the main “good” reason why I wanted this request to come to pass and for me to scream and shout about it was to show God’s glory.

With everything that God blesses us with, His glory will be shown, we don’t need to scream and shout about it. When God gives us a new beginning, from being publicly sinful to being made anew His glory is within that. Wherever we go, regardless of us telling people about walking with God and being forgiven there is a change within us that people can not ignore. So when it comes to God’s glory being shown in His blessings we don’t need to do or say anything they will see it.

Whilst I was watching this video I was reminded of this quote;
“Work Hard In Silence, Let Your Success Be Your Noise.” 

This quote is one that I began implementing at the start of my conscious walk with God. I knew that I needed to be less public about the things that I wanted and was working towards; for a few reasons, disappointment, failure, other people, jealousy, it not being God’s plan, the list goes on. Dephne also mentioned in the above or this video maybe, that sometimes we need to keep things private because not everyone who we share our plans / dreams with has good intentions for us. Sometimes those people who we think are on side are actually wishing us bad, they don’t want us to succeed they want to keep us where they are. In misery and down in the dumps.

What I have taken from this Bible study and some of the other videos that I have watched is that delay is not denial. BUT our response to finally getting what we have requested is what is crucial. When God is preparing us, pruning and attempting to remove any of the things that will lead us down the wrong path we need to listen and remove what God is wanting / needing to remove. We shouldn’t be holding onto those things that will only lead us to other levels of heartbreak.

I imagine what could have happened to Elizabeth if she had shown off; bragged and screamed about God’s blessing prematurely. People around her could have spoken negatively into her life, cursed her all because they were jealous that she had gotten a miracle like they had never seen before. We need to be more cautious with the blessings, desires and purposes that God has for our live. The enemy will use anyone to derail you and remove you from walking into the blessings and purpose for your life. God is bigger than anything that the enemy could throw at us but we can’t just sit back and let God do it all, we have to guard our purposes and not allow any negative thing that is within us to grow.

Take some time to look at the “close” people in your life; look at your heart to see if you could wait before speaking about your blessing and the response of those around you. Whatever the outcome pray that what God blesses you with, you do not use it for negative but you use it for good. 

Side Note;

In the video Dephne mentioned some of the ways in which we plan to show off or brag and one of those was Instagram. I am not going to lie and act like I haven’t thought about bragging using social media especially Instagram. I have thought about it and imagined some people’s faces and conversations if and when they came across my profile. But I knew that this was not of God and I immediately told myself to always make sure that my profile is on private.

I think that like Elizabeth we have to seclude ourselves from certain things when we finally get a blessing, so that we can continue growing within that blessing and we can work on and fix our hearts. Imagine God blessing you with whatever you desire and the first thing you do is post about it on social media. How different would it be if you held back and you posted nothing, you maybe told a few family members or friends if it wasn’t a blessing that you could keep silent like a car or house for e.g. Seclusion is a great time to learn and grow.



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