Verse For Today

Verse For Today: All Things.

Verse For Today: All Things.

Colossians 1:16 (NIV UK)
16 For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him.


Today’s verse is Colossians 1:16 and this is a verse that God has been speaking about to me in varying ways. In this post I mentioned watching a talk show that featured a guy from the band korn who left the band and then went back to it after God told him to, he was a little bit taken a back because he thought that going back to the band would be the last thing that God would want him to do. (Link to the video) And I think that’s how most of us feel about a lot of things in our world. We assume that they are not of God or that He wouldn’t use them for good because of our own assumptions and the lies that the devil tells.

I watched John Ramirez‘s testimony last year and if I remember correctly he said that when he was on team satan everything that the devil would use was actually stolen from God. (They would take from God and use it for evil.) He spoke about how they knew the Bible and would pray but not to God of course and this part of his testimony made me think about the things of the world. The devil has fooled us into thinking that so many things are evil when in fact they are not. We close our minds and lives to TV, music, people, experiences because the devil has told us that it is ungodly when in fact God can speak to people through the very things that we deem as being bad or wrong.

Obviously we have to remember that the bible does tell us what is right and wrong and how to live our lives and the indwelling of the holy spirit helps us to recognise what is and what isn’t good for us. 

For example when I watched the One Love Manchester benefit concert I was amazed at how beautiful it all was but that is one of those things (secular / world music) that the devil tells us is ungodly and is not good. I found myself crying at a few points in the concert (Parrs wood choir) and hearing some of the music now gets me emotional and this has really spoken to me about myself and where the devil was trying to lead me.

Music is one thing that a lot of people have said has helped them at difficult times in their lives but the devil spends so much time feeding our lack of knowledge about what is godly and ungodly and we fall for it. (I understand why Eve fell for his lies now, the devil is very sneaky. I have read the fall a few times and I found it difficult to see where the devil had tricked Eve but I now know it and can see why she & Adam who was with her fell for his lies.) 

When I started to take God seriously one of the first things I did was cut out TV shows and I deleted all my music. I needed to cleanse my spirit and some of the things that I had been consuming were not helping my spirit they were leading me down the wrong roads mentally and physically and I needed to remove them from my day to day life. But now I am in a different place with regards to non Christian music and I know that it has a role to play in this world.

Intentions when listening to world music are important, there are artists out there who sing beautiful songs that have nothing to do with Christianity, their words and voices can ease some of the hurt or pain and even distract you from the not so wholesome songs that are out there. When it comes to music like everything else in our quest to draw closer to God, if you spirit disagrees with it, ask God and go from there.

I now know and understand that God made all things but I also know that the devil has been sneakily using the very things that God created in order to make us fall like he did. Some of the testimonies I have listened to have helped me to reach this stage of understanding the things of the world and the relationship that we have with them as Christians. Like I said above we have the Bible and the Holy Spirit to guide us so that we don’t fall into that trap. God made everything and we may not understand how some of the things that are in the world are for God but they all work together for good.

This is a very long and complex topic and if you want to understand it more / for yourself, pray and read the bible God will guide you like he always does.

Chris Howland – All Things


Good Reads & Listens (More Will Be Added To This List As I Find Them)

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