Alpha: Week One – Is There More To Life?


Week One – Is There More To Life?

John 3:16 (ESV)
16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

Is There More To Life Than This? – Nicky Gumbel 

I wrote a post about starting an alpha course at church but I didn’t actually talk about alpha itself and whined about the structure of the course on the first week. LOL! Anyway I think it’s the perfect time to share more about the course itself and my own thoughts about each weeks topic of conversation.

Week One: Is There More To Life Than This? 

If you haven’t watched the video, at the start the public are asked a question and they are left to answer it (there is no right or wrong because it’s an opinion answer.) Some of the responses are hilarious; some give an insight into our world and sometimes the responses are similar to yours or of those around you. Nicky then introduces the topic and he goes on to give lived; biblical and educational references. In this first video he introduces his story to us, he was a Jewish atheist barrister and now he is a Christian teaching others about God.

It was interesting seeing him speak about himself so openly especially about how he came to know and understand God. 

After watching the video we then started a discussion within the groups to help each other out with the question “is the more to life than this?” My very first thought when hearing the responses on the video and after the question was asked again was. Yes, there is more to life than this, no one would be sat in church if they didn’t believe that there’s more to life than this. The discussion when it was on topic was focused mainly around our own testimonies about when we started to really think about if there is more to life than. But my mind had wandered off into we wouldn’t be sat her land.

only God can satisfy

Something that stood out to me in the video was the reference to Russell Brand, he said something along the lines of not being satisfied with anything that he had done or gone searching for because nothing will ever satisfy him the way that he needs to be satisfied. (that is not a direct quote.) This really hit home because I was thinking about my emotions and actions past and present and I realised that at times I had been seeking something to satisfy a gaping hole in my heart and life. I was thinking about my hearts desires and if they were me trying to fill a hole in my life and resistance kicked in because I thought to myself no but a part of me said yes.

Yes, I am still trying to fill a hole in my life. But what I didn’t quite know was what that hole was. Week 3 Alpha has answered that.

When I was thinking about myself in the past I remember that I wasn’t OK with calling myself a Christian after I had a falling out with God and had lost faith in him. When all of this was happening I went from I don’t believe in God to I believe that there’s something out there it might not be the Christian God it might be another one of these gods. I thought that exploring other religions and beliefs would lead me to a religion that satisfied my life but I never explored any of these religions maybe because God was not going to allow that. 

Days prior to starting the alpha course I came across a YouTuber who was saying that she was looking to explore other faiths to see what suited her this reinforced my thinking and also showed me that once you have God in your life you can never go to not believing at all. You start to seek alternatives that suit you but you can never shake the believing in a powerful being.

In terms of this big question is there more to life than this? My own lived experiences and the words of this YouTuber showed me that when we believe that there is more to life than what we see and are living; the difference between finding the more to life lies in what we seek in life. Seeking alternative religions and beliefs will never satisfy the need for God no matter how much those gods make you feel good about yourself and your life. It will never satisfy this human need for more.

If you are asking yourself whether there is more to life I think the most important thing to do is seek the one thing that has always been there and will always be there long after we die. What is that “thing…” it’s God! Seek God honestly, from the bottom of your heart.



6 thoughts on “Alpha: Week One – Is There More To Life?

  1. Wow Wow this is interesting. I’ve volunteered on Alpha, been on more than 10 Alpha courses but never really blogged about it. I talk about The Alpha course but this has actually challenged me. I’ve shared my Alpha stories on several occasions but this has actually got me thinking. May be I need to write more about Alpha. It is one of the simplest tools for evangelism and of course the Food LOL. I have been an Alpha volunteer since 2010 and I will agree with you on this article. Interesting how God connects and works in us. My brother attended this years Alpha LC17 at HTB and the highlights he shared, I pray to attend next year.
    Indeed there is more to life than what ever we are going through. Got questions about life? #TryAlpha #RunAlpha 🙂


    1. Your comment ended up in spam for some reason and I only found it because the notifications bar isn’t working… Sorry!
      You should definitely write more about it. You never know who will read it and be moved to want to know more about God. Sometimes the thing that’s stopping people from walking into a church or meeting is their fear of what is on the other side but reading a sort of review helps them to walk in without the fear of what is to come.
      Share your alpha stories, someone might walk into your next alpha course thanks to your words.
      🙂 Have a blessed day.

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