How Do I Answer The Questions That Lead To Persecution?

How Do I Answer The Questions That Lead To Persecution?

Matthew 10:22 (KJV)
22 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.

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This morning, Yesterday This week I woke up to a news story that was absolutely everywhere I looked. “Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron wont say if being gay is a sin.” At first I was surprised at this story because I didn’t know where this question had come from and why he was being asked this question in the first place. And then I remembered that we were preparing for a snap general election and everything made sense.

My take away from the whole matter 1. I was disappointed in Tim Farron, 2. I was annoyed at Channel 4 news especially Cathy Newman 3. I was also annoyed at the reaction to this story.

1.Why was I annoyed with Tim Farron?

I was annoyed with Mr Farron because he could have simply stated that his beliefs are his own and they do not hinder his position within parliament or as the leader of a political party. He should have just answered the question when he was asked and defended his faith in that moment instead of waiting all day to answer a yes or no question. From reading the article that I stumbled across I found out that Mr Farron is a Christian and that’s when the annoyance at his actions truly kicked in because I looked at the situation and I thought it was the perfect time to stand by God’s word every single bit of God’s word not just the sin part of God’s word but he failed to do so.

Revelation 22:18, Deuteronomy 4:2 etc.

2.Why was I annoyed at Channel 4 News?

I know that in an election all news outlets have their own agenda and they have people who they back. So I wasn’t surprised by what I view as an under handed tactic. What surprised me was the fact that this question was asked two years after the last general election (when it was first posed) and by Cathy Newman (the same woman who told lies upon lies about her treatment at a mosque in London but then hid away when CCTV showed that she had lied about her whole story. Yes, I acknowledge that she apologised, but her actions caused a lot of division in a country where we are already extremely divided.) It annoyed me how Cathy used this moment for her own agenda when she was in a position that was far worse than Tim Farron not answering a question.

3.Why did the reaction to this story annoy me? 

I was annoyed at the reaction to this story because the whole thing failed to address Mr Farron and his party’s voting record concerning LGBT issues. It put him in a position where he would offend everyone on all sides and could have even cost him his leadership position.

The main thing that I took away from this -after reading a tweet that defended Mr Farron by pointing out his voting record with regards to LGBT issues and a response that said he is the parties leader and he could make future decisions that are homophobic (something along those lines)-  was that as a society we don’t care about people’s actions we only care about our fears, we care more about the fear of losing our rights not the actual knowledge of whether the people who we are putting in positions of power actually have our best interests at heart publicly or privately.

The reaction also showed me our moral compass as a society, the same woman who lied and defamed a whole community and put that community at risk of attack from many groups that dislike Muslims was the very same voice that asked Mr Farron a question that he doesn’t need to answer.

This reaction showed me that people only care about Christianity and “the rights” of Christians when it comes to defending against Islam and Easter egg hunts. 

So back to the title of this post…

When I was living in the world I kept seeing LGBT people saying “the Bible doesn’t say anything about homosexuality” and I ran with it, I then backed away from finding God because I thought I don’t want to be involved with Christianity if it’s homophobic without a reason or excuse, but I now realise that it was just an excuse. I didn’t check whether or not the Bible did say this, I just went with the words of people online because I was looking for any excuse as to why I couldn’t be a Christian. At the time I didn’t actually know what the Bible said about homosexuality past very little Sodom and Gomorrah knowledge so I believed what these people were saying. But now I know a lot and I haven’t exactly gone looking for it specifically.

So How do we as Christians answer questions like this that lead to persecution? 

We have to remember that we answer to God when our lives come to an end regardless of whether anyone else believes this or not. We have to be careful with our words so as not to offend or lead people away from God but we always have to be honest about what is in the Bible and that will undoubtedly offend many.

But ultimately the difference between being homophobic and standing by your beliefs is in your actions towards LGBT people.

I now realise that there is a line between simply standing by your belief in God and just being plain homophobic and that line is crossed when you persecute gay people; tell them they are going to hell, tell them they are sinners when they didn’t ask you, they are disgusting etc. This is crossing the line from being all that Jesus died for us to be into being the opposite of what he died for. An easier measure is… are your views like Westb*r* B Church or not? (this is a troll free zone.)

Ultimately you have to really get to know the Bible first before trying to tackle anything that will lead to persecution because you don’t want to deny God’s word in favour of human beings. AND also you don’t want to be asked a question that you can’t answer and then you end up saying the wrong thing.