Bless it Away.

Bless it Away.

Galatians 6:9 (NIV UK)
9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.


I have been struggling with a very silly battle for a while now, and recently I started to “bless it away” (sang like cranes in the sky.) Every time I get tempted to step out and not wait on God, I bless this thing away. I wont be speaking about what the battle itself is because I have found that every time I think I have won I have only actually conquered one tenth of what I’m actually struggling with. When I feel like I have actually won the battle and there is nothing left in the wood works I may go into more detail about what I am currently struggling with. 

For example; if you want a new car but you know it is not the right time for you to step out and purchase one, you keep seeing people with their new cars and you get a little jealous, or you keep seeing ads for cars and you’re tempted to go out and get one; BLESS IT AWAY! Say a little prayer blessing the person who will buy it, pray that they will benefit from it as much as you would have, pray that they do good with it and they enjoy it.

Another Example; if you’re waiting for God to send your future husband your way but all these random men keep popping up in your life and you know that it’s not the right time for them to be in your life; BLESS HIM AWAY! Pray good things for the guy/s who have come into your life and pray for their future relationship and wife. Pray for your own husband and your future relationship, pray that you stay focused on God and not temporary pleasures.

One Last Example; If you’re desperately wanting to leave the job you’re in for whatever reason and you keep entertaining other jobs that offer more than the one you are in but you know that God isn’t telling you to leave it,; BLESS IT AWAY!  Pray for the person who will get the job, that it will be a good job, and they will gain all they need from it. Ask God for that raise that’s making you want to leave. Ask for all the things that will help you enjoy your job a little more.

It feels so good when I say a little prayer blessing what I am tempted to step out and get in my own strength instead of wasting my time trying to get it or thinking about not getting it. Each time I bless it away from my mind I feel a release from the what if’s and what could have been’s until the next time my mind falls into that trap. This is teaching me lessons about my emotions and knowing what God has to say to me. Life is more enjoyable when God’s hand is in all that you do.

The most important thing in all our lives as Christians is knowing God’s voice and listening to it. Sometimes our emotions get so loud they block God’s voice and we end up stepping out of His will and then we live with the bad decision that we made.

Learn from my mistake;

I recently had a job interview and I did things the right way, at the end of the phone call I said “I will let you know my decision, when I have more details.” BUT I allowed myself to be pressured into saying yes to going for an interview. As soon as I had agreed to it I felt pulled one way and the other but then I attended the interview anyway.

I was praying asking for God’s guidance; “Lord, is this your will?” and God was faithful he answered my question, I knew it wasn’t his will and plan for me. His exact words were “what if you go there and it’s a waste of time and money?” But still I wasn’t at peace or happy with the response because I was looking around me and not at God so I prayed “Lord give me peace about this interview,” and I felt peace about not attending the interview, but still I was unsure about the answer God had originally given me.

Why did I attend the interview? I allowed my past to dictate my future.

I had almost a week to decide whether or not I was going to attend or cancel the interview and throughout this time I started swaying here there and everywhere and even when I finally decided that I was not attending the interview BUT yet another thought came into my mind. I was making plans for how I wanted to live and “being a woman of integrity,” was on my list. “If you cancel you are bringing flakiness into your new life, you’ve gone and done it again, you’ve agreed to do something and not followed through with it.” The devil does not rest! **

I worried because I was thinking is this actually God or is it the satan? I thought that it was the devil trying to steal a really good opportunity from me, this job was great as far as I was concerned; “it would look good on LinkedIn and it would be prove to people in my past that I wasn’t a failure.” (did you catch the devil in there?) So when God spoke to me I was confused because it was a great opportunity, I would be able to brag (if you still haven’t caught the devil’s tactics read my last sentence again.) I have learned that when God closes a door we confuse this with the devil trying to steal from us because we are concentrating on the other side of the door, what it has to offer and how it falls into our future plans and not on God or his plans for our future.



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