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Saved by / for His Grace

*Hello, from the other side*

This blog is the culmination of God’s mercy over my life, he has given me this opportunity to share my story about how He and He alone saved me from the life that I was living.

I believe that when it comes to speaking about certain topics, you should only really speak with authority about them if you have lived those things, by lived I mean experienced it yourself, watched someone else experience it, have lived with the consequences of someone else experiencing it etc. Or you have a qualification of some sort.

I am not certain about what I will be speaking about on this platform but I will try and speak on issues that I have lived because God has given me the capacity to speak about them. I will also use this platform for other things that the Lord leads me to but the main focus of this blog is to help other young people women in their pursuit of God.

For 5 or so years I was in the grips of the devil, (I was in his company for a lot longer than that but 5 years is when I was on his team) but the Lord came to rescue me. My salvation story is one that I will be sharing on here and I will be explaining further and in varying levels of detail when the Lord leads me to do so.

God has and continues to show me his mercy, love and kindness every single day of my life. Without God I do not know with certainty if I would be alive today.

God has saved me from a past that had no future.
God has shown me mercy over the things that I was doing.
God has shown and given me his love.
God forgave me before I even opened my mouth asking for forgiveness.


I thank you for the kindness you have shown me,
I thank you for the mercy you have placed upon my life,
I thank you for embracing me even after all the things that I did in the past.
You have given me this opportunity to share my story on a platform that will reach many souls. I come to you asking you for your continued blessings in my life, I ask that you use my story to heal many people’s hearts, plant seeds of forgiveness in the hearts and lives of the people who read this blog.I ask that you continue to guide my thoughts and my words whenever I write.
Lord, I ask that you keep this blog and my story for the people who need it and them alone. I just ask that you remove this blog from the attention of the servants of the devil, anyone who would use it to do harm and not good.
And Lord, I just thank you for this opportunity and I hope that with your continued guidance you help me and others on our journey back to you.
Thank You,
In Jesus Name



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